My name is Aaron and I am the owner of British Pride Bakery - Halifax. I have been operating British Pride Bakery with my dad since it was founded in 2010, wearing all hats from baker to to social media manager and importer to toilet un-clogger!

We have grown the business from a small bakery to a full-scale British grocery chain with over 50 employees and with our venture now expanding into Atlantic Canada, our ambitions remain intact.

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My Story

I am originally from Plymouth, UK and grew up spending my weekends in or around the ocean. At 16 my family moved to Canada where we quickly opened British Pride Bakery. As mentioned above I have been involved at all levels of the business for the last 12 years. I have always been keen on ensuring our product and service is of the highest quality, this is something that is evident through our popularity across Ontario and the more than 50 awards we have won over the years. 


I had spent 14 years in Ontario and during that time spent more than a decade building British Pride Bakery, spent time travelling, become a husband to my high school sweetheart and now a dad of two and it wasn't until I had my second child that I started thinking about where I wanted to be in the future. I have always had a lingering homesickness and it's largely down to being absolutely nowhere near the ocean. Where I lived in Ontario is growing rapidly and feels more London than Plymouth these days and roll in a few more factors, we floated the idea of Nova Scotia. It offered the change of pace that we were looking for, the sea air I was looking for and a great place to bring up our children. We quickly fell in love with the province and HRM through multiple visits and then everything else moved quite quickly from there!

British Pride Bakery

Our business started in a small, humble unit on Hespeler Road in Cambridge, ON. Our baked goods have always separated us from other British specialty stores, everything we make and bake is from scratch, the way it should be. We had a chain of bakeries in Plymouth, England moving to Canada in 2008 and so we know a thing or two about baking!

We have since moved from Hespeler Road to a much larger space on Struck Court, Cambridge and added five award winning retail locations. Another location is planned for later this year, with the long awaited Mississauga opening on the horizon! Our main production facility is expanding, increasing our butchery capabilities, with another 4,000sqft being added to our existing 8,000sqft of production space!

Our butchery stems from the original Scottish butchers in Canada, the famous Crawford’s. We acquired Crawford’s (Brit Grocer Niagara) in 2020 and are excited to be carrying on his incredible legacy. You will not find more traditional recipes than ours, dating back over 60 years!

Since the launch of British Pride Imports in 2020, we became the first and only British store in Ontario to be fully independent. Everything in our stores is produced by our incredible team or imported by us. This has seen us cut out the huge importers that give preferential rates to the big box and grocery stores as well as shift their low dated items to British shops. With our growing number of retail locations and our suppliers unable to meet our ever growing needs, we took the leap and did it ourselves and went one step further by bringing in Canada’s most comprehensive range of British frozen foods!

We are now the exclusive baker, butcher and grocery importer for many British stores across Canada and will continue to stick to supporting small, family run businesses as well as our local communities through food bank donations and other charitable contributions. In a time where British Pride Bakery and many of the British stores we supply heavily rely on our customers supporting local business, we’ll stick to our values and maintain no interest in supplying our products to large, faceless companies and big box stores.


2022 will be another huge year for British Pride Bakery. Our importing will take on a new level with ‘never seen in Canada’ items planned for arrival very soon, our retail locations are growing from five to eight, the expansion of our production facility will increase space by 4000sqft and the continued expansion of Kings Cross British Shop, who exclusively carry British Pride Bakery goods, have three more locations already planned, with Peterborough coming next!

Nothing we do is possible without you and you motivate us to continually improve. You have supported us for 12 years and with every passing day we strive to make your experience better than the last. Thank you so much from everyone in the British Pride Bakery family!